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Estonia - July/August 2004

 View of Sydney from the plane.




First week in Haapsalu

 Magda (left) and Johanna on the beach in Haapsalu.


 Johanna (left) and Madga (below) in change cabinets on the beach.




 Going outside is a terrifying experience for Chica who is very much an indoor cat and
likes it that way :)

(Mom, Chica, Magda)


 Enjoying icecream after a walk in the town.

(Johanna is on the left, Magda on the right)


 Johanna, mom, Magda


 The main street in Haapsalu


 Johanna (left) and Madga after a fashinable afternoon of creating outfits out of plastic bags and ribbon :)


 Bushes of red currants near mom's place in Haapsalu.


 Flowers here are not choosy about where they grow :)


End of first week in Tallinn - Waiting for James' arrival

 Walking into the old town from Marko and Jana's place.


 Main square in the old town - very busy due to an arts market.


 View of the main gates to the old city - Viru Väravad.


Second week in Saaremaa

 Waiting for a ferry to go to the island of Saaremaa.


 Menu on the ferry - note the frequent spelling mistakes in the English version :)


 Outdoor museum in Saaremaa.


 Sitting around after breakfast in my cousin's kitchen. From left clockwise: James, Marko,
Jana (hidden), Aive (my cousin)


 Marko and my aunt Hille enjoying home made wine (in the 3-litre jar in front of them)


 Hille's delicious kringel - she gave me a recipe, but I haven't attempted to bake it yet :)


 BBQ Estonian style :)


 Cornflowers in what could be rye as 'cornflowers' are 'ryeflowers' in Estonian :)


 A stork's nest near my cousin's place.


 Eating organic home-grown strawberries - too bad they (or the quantity) didn't agree with our
stomachs too much :)


 Selling strawberries on the market in Kuressaare, the capital of Saaremaa.

Liina, Jana, Aive.


On the way back to Tallinn

 Bridge across river Kasari. It was built in 1904 and was at that time world's longest reinforced
concrete bridge.


End of second week - travelling near Tallinn

 Johanna (sitting) and Madga after a week-long flower arrangement course led by Marko's mom.


 The witch well of Tuhala -

"Karst* formations can be found on several North and West Estonian alvars.
During the flood-time in spring at Tuhala karst field, water of the underground river flowing in a
karst cave, starts to pour out through the so-called Kata Nõiakaev ('witch well'). "

* Karst - a limestone region with underground drainage and many cavities and passages
caused by the dissolution of the rock.


 James looking at the well.








Back in Tallinn

 Caught in the rain after a visit to the zoo ...


 One of our last walks through the old town :(


 A waterfall near Tallinn


 Our favorite internet-cafe in a shopping mall about a 5-min walk away from Jana and Marko's place.


Last week - Back in Haapsalu

 Chica ejoying the view from the kitchen window


 Magda (left) and Johanna working on a puzzle


Zuperman doll (note the Z on the chest) :)


 Bowling with mom and the kids








Visiting my friends Leana and Janek at their home near Tallinn. Leana's getting the wood ready for a BBQ.

 Gooseberries at Leana and Janek's (before I attacked the bush and ate half of them :)


Back in Tallinn and checking out all the cute little art galleries / shops.


 Enjoying Estonian potato salad for the last time :(


 Just sitting around waiting to head to the airport.


 Leaving for the airport.


Leaving Estonia again :(


 With Jana shortly before our departure.


And that's all, folks...

Next time it'll be the three of us :)