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Oskar Joonas - December 2005

29 December - We were visited by a bluetongue lizard (below) and Oskar gets better and better at standing up


27 December - Visiting the Zoo


26 December - Is it a bathtub, or is it a storage box???


23 December - Braving the 35°C heat on a Friday afternoon before Christmas

Lake Burley-Griffin


22 December - < ---- 'What do you mean I can't walk yet???'

                             The only thing that is edible when it's hot outside is watermelon!!


Up, up we go!



21 December - Exploring May's territory


Moving back home, suitcase needs maintenance


20 December

May laid next to Oskar's pram the entire 3 hours that he was napping!


18 December - This beats the laundry sink any day!


17 December


Visiting Andrew, Ana, Isabelle (below) and Olivia


16 December


Playing footy with May


Hello May                    


14 December 2005 - First day at Weetangera with the grandparents


12 December 2005


10 December - Visiting Mark and Anita and their swimming pool


Here comes the nudie!


                                                                             Darn it, should have kept the hat out of the water - now I've been made
to wear a nappy on my head!

8 December - Catching up with my mothers' group

Let me take care of those flies for you, Sage!                                              Look here, this is the green stuff that grows on trees and is yummy to eat


That books looks delicious indeed                                                                    Hmmm... she doesn't want to give it up, what do I play with then?


December 7 & 8 - First attempts at standing up

Thank God I've got a tongue to help me balance!


5 December - I looooooooooooooooooooove bread! :)


4 December

Just another Sunday


3 December

Watching Boobaahs with vanaema


3 December

Sweet dreams


2 December

Swimming with vanaema, Rachel and Sivan (left - they live in our complex)



                                                                                                                Oskar and a friend


1 December - Our toothless päkapikk / meie hambutu päkapikk