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Oskar Joonas - July 2005

July 31 -
Oskar showing off the gorgeous blanket his cousin
Shay made


Getting ready for a trip to the city.

Remember what he looked like in the car seat the day he came home from the hospital ? --->


Entertaining himself while the parents have a coffee


Oi, parents! Where's my coffee?!?!                                                                     Nope, can't see a third cup there...


July 30

Relaxing with grandad and grandma


July 28


                                                                                                                                                                    Tummy time is so tiring :)


'Is that a good sphinx pose?'


'Nope, I'm not saying a word!'


July 24 - Experimenting with rice cereal. Oskar doesn't know to swallow it yet, but we're just playing around so he's prepped when he starts getting real food next month.


Päkapikk Oskar :)




July 22


July 20 - After keeping his parents awake from 2:30 - 6 am, Oskar is soundly asleep in their bed at 8 am :)


July 19 - Oskar is 5 months!


'Who said my head was too small? I've caught up to the bear in no time!'                   


Our little tongue-tied baby :)


'Pulling the plug' after another long nap


July 18


Look, no head!


July 16 - 'I'm not sure this cup is for drinking... it's much better if I bite it'


July 14


July 13 'Behold my plug of pleasure!'


July 12


July 8


July 6