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Oskar Joonas - June 2005

June 30 - The day Oskar rolled over from his tummy to his back non-stop - he's forgotten since how to do it :)

Oskar's just rolled over, but he's too quick for the camera :)


'Hmmm, I've gotta get me some of this elephant!'

'It's too far, I'll have a bit of the blanket first...'                                                   'Forgot to check out the label first to make sure it's edible'


June 28 - 'What do I have to do to get some pants on?!'


June 27


23 June - Drooling after an afternoon massage :)


21 June

Oskar loves the letter O, he's saying it all the time - must be practicing for his name :)

Oskarile meeldib O täht - harjutab vist oma nime ütlemist :)


  'Hmmm... I have feet?' / 'Hmm... mul on jalad?'
(his feet look huge on these photos, in real life they're quite normal size :)
(piltide peal on ta jalad nii suured, tegelikkuses on nad aga üsna normaalse suurusega :)


20 June - Oskar's fallen asleep after his traumatizing second experience with vaccination

Oskar on peale järjekordset kaitsepookimist lõpuks magama jaanud. Isegi jopet ei saanud seljas votta, panin ta kohe autost voodisse


19 June

Oskar is 4 months today! He's 6.870 kg and 64.5 cm.
Oskar saab tana 4 kuud vanaks! Ta kaalub 6.870 kg ja on 64 cm pikk.


Bathtime with daddy

Issiga vanni minemas


17 June - Last day at 'sleep school' - Oskar's now very good at falling asleep on his own :)
Viimane päev 'magamiskoolis' - Oskar oskab nüüd ise magama jääda :)

Being used to sleeping in the bassinet, the cot seemed a bit scary at first... but he soon got used to it :)


And playtime is always fun, at home or in bootcamp :)


June 13


June 12 - Sydney

  With great grandma Joyce
  Vana-vanaema Joyce'ga


11 June - Love those morning excercises :)
Hommikvõimlemine :)


Having breakfast in Kirribilli
Hommikusöök Kirribillis (Sydneys)


10 June - Visiting Li, Mark and Isaac


Isaac and Oskar meet at last

Isaac ja Oskari esimene kohtumine


Can Li handle hurricane Oskar? :)


9 June - First day in Sydney / Esimene päev Sydneys


'Hmm, I can't decide whether I like this whole business of staying in a hotel...'

Oskar mõtleb, kas hotellivoodi on ikka magamiseks kõlblik...


6 June


5 June


3 June - That was a great nap on the couch!


2 June

  I've got the moves!


Improvising with the pram - Oskar's ready for the seat, but we won't change it yet as we need the bassinet when we go to Sydney next week.
Otherwise he won't have anything to sleep in... But after we're back, he's graduating to the big boy seat :)