crankymonkeys in london
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Oskar Joonas - September 2005

September 28 - 'It's great mommy's got one day a week off!'


                                                                                                                                    'Hmm, green stuff - needs investigating'


Lehmad soovad karjamaal...                                                                               'Don't tell me I don't like my greens!'


Yummy banana


September 21 - Oskar's 7 month birthday photos. Two days late :)


  Oh, hello there!


  Don't make fun of my mohawk!                                                                        Oh well, I didn't really hurt him :)


  I can't take bear jokes!!!


<-- He, he, he, who's taller now?



September 17

  Hello, Isabelle!


  I like it here, they've got cool toys!                                                                      Let me play, Olivia, you get to have these toys all the time!


  Oh no, is she going to pick at me?                                        How am I supposed to breathe like that?!?


Later at home....

Are you people not giving me any more food?!?!?

September 12 - A cold day on Bondi Beach

 Oskar's first encounter with sand


                                                                                                                                                                    Pram Security


11 September - Sydney

Left: Kate on pram duty
Right: Darling Harbour


Enjoying summer in Sydney. Had to cover Oskar's feet to not have to deal with sunburned toes :)



On the train back to Cammeray - We were staying at James' grandparents' place



On the balcony at Cammeray


In the botanic gardens earlier that day

Vanaema teaching Oskar how to crawl


10 September - Visiting Li, Mark and Isaac in Hornsby (Sydney)

'Me, me, me... pick me!'                                                              'Hey Oskar, check out my new hairdo!'


Two happy moms with two happy boys :)


Isaac's trying to crawl, but I'm too busy counting my teeth!'


September 4 - Oskar's wishing issi a happy father's day :)


September 3 - Picnic in Canberra

'What do I see over there?'                                                   'Hmm. Need a better look...'                                                     Food :)


'How are you granddad?'


September 2