crankymonkeys in london
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Sydney - 12 & 13 November 2005

Mom and Oskar in the balcony at Cammerray - James' grandparents' old place where Kate now lives


Summer has come - and that means Christmas! :)


Mom, the tourist :)                                                                                                  Digeridoo players at Circular Quay


This is to be the Christmas Tree at Martin Place


Oskar and Isaac getting reaquainted




James, Michael and Kate having breakfast                                                    A house on a rock


Cammerray sights


   Love of cables and nudity :)


   Sue, Carroll (James' grandfather) and us on the balcony of the restaurant.

Oskar and granddad at Carroll's 90th birthday lunch.      


Birthday speech followed by birthday cake


Oskar's second encounter with sand.


<-- 'No, Oskar, - no swimming today!'   

   'Fine, I'll do push-ups instead!'


Who needs cake when there's banana!!!


<-- Heading back to Canberra.

 20 min later...