crankymonkeys in london
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April 2006

30 April

Learning to kick a ball


A friendly squirrel eating one of Oskar's cookies



25 April - 4 teeth seems to be enough...


25 April

Playing at home - in the 'toybox' is the best!


I'm glad someone in this family is cute :)

24 April - Regent's Park

"So many birds and I'm stuck in the pram ?!?!?!"


A very friendly squirrel.                                                                                                                                         Leana & Liina


22 April


"Now, where do we find Big Ben?"                                          Relaxing at Trinity Square Garden near the Tower of London


Summer has come to London!


                                                                                                                      Some dude airing out his feet doesn't distract Oskar from enjoying his apple :)


Jimmy James and the Tower of London.                                                         Oskar got his hands on my ice cream...


and then wanted James'...                                                                                   and then shoved it all in :)


Tower Bridge in the background.

Checking out some skateboarders next to St. Paul's Cathedral ----------->


Oskar saw plenty of good tricks I'm sure he'll try one day too soon.            Johanna had a great day too :)


21 April - visiting Kew Gardens

'Climbers and creepers' playground at the gardens.


Oskar's favorite animals at the petting zoo were these New Zealand Kune pigs.


18 April - Streatham High Road


The white building on the left is ice skating arena, the red one next to it is a swimming pool.                                                                    'Front yard'


Morley's - the McDonalds of the 'hood


Halal meat is available on every corner.                                                           This little shop sells groovy hand-made furniture.


                                                                                                                                   The hobgoblin must live here...


The building with the clock is the local library.                                               "Who you're calling wimpy?!?!"


A wide range of options at local hair salons.


9 April

Aren't you glad Oskar's updating his
website so often? :)


9 April - Streatham's first kite day in 2006

Our apartment is on the top floor of the red building on the left

Looking at the kites                                                                                              Heading for a break on the playground


5 seconds of walking holding my hand -
usually we are chasing him whichever direction he decides to run



Looks like spring, smells like spring, too bad it's only 10°C




7 April

A whole lot of Estonians in one tiny Lewisham apartment :)



Segasummasuvila                                                                                                Party is over - one last taste of "forbidden fruit" i.e. juice


Back at home...




6 April

Got milk?


5 April - Visiting kids' play centre Discover with friends

'Berry picking' while waiting for the others' train to arrive.                               Making music


                                                                                                                                 Oskar's favorite - noodle curtains


Oskar with Kairi and Annabel


4 April

Oskar and his new buddy Pip



Hide and seek