crankymonkeys in london
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december 2006

30 December - Natural History Museum


"Doh, doh, doh!" - must be 'dinosaur' in Oskar's language


And a few poses for the camera as well :)


28 December

Morning coffee at the Perfect Blend in Streatham Hill. I used to come here often after my morning walks...


After the cafe, we popped into the library for a little while.


26 December



More December blooms


25 December


Even Santa's taking a break at the playground...


It may be Christmas, but some plants have decided to bloom.


23 December - Pre-Christmas lunch at David and Kiren's

David took many more photos of the all of us. I'll post them as soon as I have them.


20 December

Hydro-massage for feet...


17 December

At Eddie Catz in Putney



Reading how Mr Bump lost his memory


10 December

Definitely my son :)


3 December - Playing in his tunnel                                                                     6 December - Breakfast of champions


2 December


                                                                                                                        Shy Oskar and an Estonian Santan - Christmas "party" of the London Estonians

@ the party


He must be an Estonian afterall - blood sausage went
down very well :)


(if you're wondering about the bib - yes, he's still drooling
a lot as he's still got 8 more teeth to come)