crankymonkeys in london
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February 2006 - First weeks in London

26 February (left)

Oskar has a fever and just wants to sleep


27 February (right)

Feeling better after feeding himself his lunch (very messy)


Playground near our apartment


24 February - Kensington, David & Kiren's place


This is where we should be living :) -

Buckingham Palace



Big Ben in the background                                                          The Queen's horses out for some fresh air


Westminster Abbey                                                                                                Big Ben and the London Eye in the background


23 February

This is our home for now. We are on the 3rd floor.              Our street with the park on the right.


View accross the park.                                                                                                 Oskar in his new room.


February 22

Left: If only the entire flight had been so beautiful :)

Right: We have arrived in Vienna, Oskar can't believe the long flight is over.


Jetlagged                                                                                                            Oskar before realizing we weren't kidding about having to wear a hat


22 February

Leaving Canberra :(                                                                                        Oskar before the flight