crankymonkeys in london
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March 2006

31 March

Oskar ja pelmeenid / Oskar and dumplings

(in case you're wondering why he's eating on the floor -
we don't have any furniture, remember?)


28 March - The Artist

(Oskar prefers performance art at this stage = eating the pencils and looking cute)


27 March - Having fun with the balloon from Giraffe cafe


25 March - Foggy view of London from Crystal Palace (about 1hr walk from our place)


Just mucking around...



24 March

At the One O'Clock Club


Oskar's new favorite toy


21 March

Madame Tussaud's wax museum



19 March

Carnaby Street (left); Sugulased/relatives (below)


Trafalgar Square                                                                                                     Eestlased saavad pihta miks see pilt naljakas on :)
                                                                                                                                    (Estonians know why this photo is funny)


March 15 - Spring is coming

Streatham Common


Our house is the red one on the very left.


March 14 - Oskar and his monkeys










I helped the monkeys down, but who will help me ????????????


March 13 - As I was doing the dishes in the kitchen, I realized that it was very quiet in the living room for some reason.....


Oskar's 'throne'. He loves sitting on the step to the balcony................................. but he doesn't know how to get back down :)


Just woken up... what's the first thing he does - picks up the phone and says 'Hi'


March 9

My little helper - Part 1


March 8

My little helper - Part 1


7 March

Streatham Library


                                                                                                                                           Zonked out


5 March - Windsor Castle (approx. 40 min by car from Kensington)

When the flag is up, the Queen is in residence.


Substitutes for the Knights of the Garter after attending a church service at St. George's.              They live in these apartments in the castle.


One grumpy guard - he starts stomping his feet when someone tries to get closer to get a photo with him.

St. George's chapel below


Strolling the streets of Notting Hill, waiting for the Estonian kids' group to start.


Walking through Hyde Park back to Kensington from Notting Hill.


3 March

Getting ready to go for a walk.                                                                       Just some street in South Kensington


This is where rich people live...                                                                          and this is where they shop - Harrods in Knightsbridge.


Victoria & Albert museum



Left - Natural history museum

Below - Independent Oskar in the Science Museum


2 March

New home, new big bathtub :)


Back in Kensington




Hmmm... what would happen if I jumped? I'll test with a chapstick first.