crankymonkeys in london
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October 2006

30 October - Overcoming his fears of shampoo in his hair, Oskar attempts to carry out the hair washing process by himself.


29 October

Eagerly brushing the few teeth that he's got...                                                                Playing 'sausage roll'


28 October

Feeding swans and ducks at Tooting Common



24 October - Munchkin in the woods


New favorite playground at Tooting Common


14 October - Checking out Christmas stuff at Harrod's


Playground at Hyde Park



12 October - Oskar cannot start the day without giving all his sleeping buddies a proper hug in the morning


9 October

Hmm.... something's missing




Thumbs up!                                                                                                              New teeth - coming soon!


To be or not to be?                                                                                                  Looking, looking, looking....


Ta-da!                                                                                                                                                                       Toot-toot!


Afternoon on Tooting Bec common (15 min walk from home)

Activities: picking leaves and chasing squirrels.


Too bad, squirrel. I'll eat your food if you keep hiding!


7 October

Everyone needs sunnies on a day like this.


Oskar's favorite play - The Cave.

Equipment needed: one large quilt, two patient parents.


2 October - Dr Seuss time


Three generations of Buckingham boys


With grandma and grandpa


2 October

At Kew Garden


Playground at Kew



It looks like England to me :)


A day earlier on the tube


A day earlier in Wimbeldon

The Japanese pagoda