crankymonkeys in london
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19 February 2006 - Happy 1st Birthday, Oskar!



Getting to know his new giraffe


Quenching thirst


Oskar Joonas - a year that was...

Reformed insomniac, reformed dummy sucker, non-reformed drooler

"Munchkin", "Cranky Monkey"


At birth:

Date of birth

19 February 2005

Time of birth

6:50 p.m.

Place of birth

Calvary Hospital, Canberra, Australia


3.53 kg


51 cm


Estonian, Australian



At 12-months of age:


Guesstimate: 10 kg


Guesstimate: 76 cm

Favorite toys

monkey, giraffe, cell phones, keys, remotes, pegs/clothespins

Favorite food

Will eat anything, especially daddy's chicken soup, mommy's pumpkin risotto,
Cheerios, bananas, nectarines, watermelon, water crackers, pizza, ice cream

Favorite activities

Walking! Followed by: swimming, swinging, digging in the sand, throwing balls,
pulling tissues out of tissue boxes

Favorite TV show



Aitähh, pähh, dad, daddy, mam mam mam..., baa & bäi or mäi (referring to May)
Most of these words are picked out by parents' keen ears from the general babbling :)

Other "skills"

Waving when 'bye-bye', 'ta-ta' or 'tsau-tsau' is said; laughing running the opposite direction
when we say 'come here' or 'tule siia'; blowing bubbles; clapping


First year's achievements:

First smile

5 weeks

Rolling over (front to back)

5 months

Rolling over (back to front)

6 months

Sitting up unsupported

7 months, 2 weeks

Commando crawling

7 months, 2 weeks


8 months


9 months, 3 weeks

Standing up on furniture, etc.

10 months

Walking in water

10 months

First two (bottom) teeth

10 months

Walking on land

10 months, 3 weeks

Two upper teeth

11 months, 2 weeks

Standing up on his own without the use of furniture, etc.

11 months, 3 weeks


14 August 2005, St.Mathews Church, Page, ACT, by Father Phil