crankymonkeys in london
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December 2007

31 December
30 December - Natural History museum (again). Oskar can't get enough of the dinosaurs.
Merry-go-round in front of the museum

29 December

Ice skating

<--- Oskar didn't like the feel of the skates at first, but then couldn't get enough of being on the ice.

29 December - Just playing around with the new camera...
27 December - Lunch with Kairi, Simon, Annabel, Eddi, Tanja, Nikolai and Daria
                                                                                                                                                                                 Cheese! It was a great day :)
26 December

Christmas market and amusement park in Hyde Park.



Oskar's baby giraffe as Christmas tree decoration
25 December
24 December - Shoe shopping
22 December
Regent Street                                                                                                                    James' uncle David and grandma Joyce (at David and Kiren's, grandma is visiting from Sydney)
Ice skating rink in front of the Natural History museum in Kensington
16 December - Christmas at Oskar's nursery
15 December - Visiting Kairi, Hardi & Meribel
               Christmas DJ.                                                                             Catching bubbles with Rasmus and Meribel
9 December - Estonian Christmas Dinner
Marjam and Annabel
Haven't quite figured "cheese" out...                                        Annabel and Kairi

Oskar with his Scooby Doo car.


Eesti emmed, below, Kristi, Kairi, me, Kairi

8 December - Chrisse tee is going up!

2 December

THIS is what Christmas is supposed to look like (on a train to Wimbledon on a rainy Sunday morning)


1 December

Streatham Common playground


Visitors: Annabel, Edik & Meribel



Oskr & Meribel (both February birthdays, one year apart)