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3-28 july 2007- estonia

3 July - Ready to travel


4 July - Visiting Tanja, Nikolai and Daria in Tallinn


5 July - Lotte play room in Tallinna Kaubamaja (shopping centre). Lotte is the movie character all Estonian kids are crazy about.

This fish tank apparently had issi fish and emme fish and Oh fish and Anna fish and Mummu fish...


In the zoo with my sister Jana


The best part of the zoo was the transport... (he was supposed to sit in it)


6 July - Dropping Anna and Mummu (Johanna and Magda) off at their grandma's place near Tallinn.


7 July - Haapsalu


8 July - Checking out some "art" at the castle.


The pram and the rocket were made out of old mines.                                           Just Haapsalu.


Another rocket. Dedicated to an Estonian band of the 80s.


Glass makers from various European countries had gathered in Haapsalu for a week to display the
process of their art. These two are German, I think.


10 July


11 July - A rainy day...

Perfect for exploring puddles...



... and for water polo


12 July

Haapsalu's sun dial

Mom doesn't have a functioning bathtub, so Oskar has to take a shower each night. Not that he minds.


13 July - Tallinn

A rainy morning, followed by a clear afternoon full of singing and markets


Funky felt hats and rats made out of moss...


Felt slippers and Tanja in my new favorite bookshop...



15 July - A parade of American cars in Haapsalu


17 July


18 July - Nude pianist


Going to childcare in the morning


                                                                                                                                         Canberra wine in the local supermarket


Bowling in the afternoon


Oskar is saying "tuu ball" (suur pall = big ball) and issi thinks it's close enough


Playing in the fountain


19 July - Visiting Karin and Leana and their kids

Karin and Lennart. Johanna eyeing the gooseberries on the right.


Johanna and Leana


Lennart and his big sister Lisette on the right, with a friend who decided to be a pirate for the day.


20 July - In Tallinn again


23 July - Playing ball in the castle in Haapsalu


24 July


26 July - Our favortie cafe - only because of Illy coffee with ice cream...

An international gathering of gym teachers had come to Haapsalu for a few weeks. We happened to saw the opening ceremony of their summer course.


During the speeches we played and emptied our bladders.


View from one of the castle towers.


9 pm - Going home.

27 July

Lunch at childcare and one last bike ride before emme and issi got on the bus to Tallinn to then fly to London and leave Oh behind for 4 weeks :(