crankymonkeys in london
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february 2007- oskar's 2nd birthday

25 February - PARTY!

Waiting for the guests...



Daria, Oskar and Edik


Daria, Oskar, Annabel and Edik


Sneaking a peek in the book Nikolai's reading


Making sure Kairi has enough to eat


Another attempt at blowing out the candles


Annabel agreed to help you out :)


P.S. It's a shame we didn't catch any photos of all the kissing and hugging that was going on when saying good-bye.


19 February


                                                                                                                                                      A perfect day to smell the roses :)


                                                                                                       Oskar loves his family so much they even travel with him wherever he goes :)


18 February - Oskar's birthday came a day early!

Attempting to blow out the candles :)



Done!                                                                                                              Now I can eat it!


Yum :)


Opening presents from grandparents and aunts & uncles...


                                                                                                                                                              Later on.... practicing cycling...

The wall seems to like me...