crankymonkeys in london
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January 2007

28 January

Assessing whether the Incredibles is worth watching


Our local playground




As we were heading home, we saw this Islamic procession - we now own a copy of the Koran


27 January - A cold morning at a Tooting playground


26 January

Playdough tasting



Richard Scarry's "A very busy world" - One of Oskar's favorite books


25 January - Ambulance helicopter on our common


24 January - Oskar's first snow!


21 January - London Aquarium


                                                                                                                                    Patting a stingray


Global warming...


20 January - Visiting Jo in Richmond


19 January - Celebrating Tanja's upcoming birthday at a sushi restaurant at London Bridge

Tanja, Kairi, Liina                                                                                                                                                               Kristi and Tanja


15 January - Monthly kids' get-together at the Estonia House in Notting Hill

On the train to the city


Singing and dancing along



6 January - Edik's 4th birthday party at Kairi and Simon's (and Annabel's)

Gertofer, Gertofer's sister, Annabel & Oskar                                                                         + Edik


A&O                                                                                                      Kairi, Simon, Annabel, Edik, James and nanny Kristi taking the other photo


1 January - Ice skating at Tower Bridge with Tanja, Yuri and few of their friends.

Post-ice skating "picnic" of mulled wine and gingerbread cookies


On our way back to London Bridge train station.
Tower Bridge in the background... or foreground...