crankymonkeys in london
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june 2007

29 June

Oskar's new bed



Bed time - bookshelf has been ransacked and Oskar's in bed looking very innocent.


24 June - Jaanipäev

Magda in red pants, Johanna in pink t-shirt


ET. Call home.


Oskar turned into rubbish police as the day progressed - he had to pick up every single broken balloon he could find


June 23 - This is how the little monkey sleeps - fingers around the giraffe's tail



18 June


17 June

Back in Brighton



I love this building (The Royal Pavillion)


The girls are nuts


Water was freezing cold, they really are nuts


16 June

                                                Just plain cute                                                                                         Now listen up: "Once upon a time..."


                      Mmmmm.... apppljuceee................


11 June - Bob the Builder


Bob attempting to eat dinner with a screwdriver


10 June

On the tower bridge




In the Tower of London




9 June - Natural History Museum, Ice Station Antarctica

Oskar examining penguin food                                                                                   Guiding divers and searching for sea animals


                                                                                                                                                                                    Driving a snowmobile


Later on at the Fun Fair that's on the Streatham Common (second time this summer)


9 June - Tanja's hen's night at a Moroccan restaurant

Joining the bellydancer


                                                                                                                                                        Ready for the next venue - Tanja, Nadja, Katie, Alicia


4 June - Oskar's first doll


                                                                                                                                                                6 June - Look! Finally a mouth full of teeth


6 June - Good Estonian bread for a good Estonian boy :)


3 June - London Zoo

James, Oskar, Magda, Johanna                                                Magda & Oskar


Giraffes' lunch                                                                                                                Oskar's lunch


Goats at the petting zoo




2 June

Playing frisbee


Ice cream break outside IKEA