crankymonkeys in london
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march 2007

31 March - Wimbledon

A kiss for Noddy


31 March - Let the training begin. Tour de France is only 20 years away.


29 March - Thursdays' library group


25 March - Oskar and his monkey going to Monkey Music


Before the class                                                                                                            After the class - going to the cafe


25 March - Sundary afternoon in the back yard

If only lunch wasn't so difficult to get access to


24 March - 4 more molars to come...


19 March - When two languages become just too much - grab a dictionary

PS. Pants are optional in this house


18 March - Playdough teddies. Oskar can count up to 20 by now: "ke, ko, ne, no, na" etc :)


15 March - When a broken mouse gets in the way of blogging


14 March



Going shopping



Checking out merchandise



12 March

Our building is in the background on the first photo


11 March

Morning exercise



Seltsis on segasem / Three is NOT a crowd :)


What a life! :)                                                                                                                                                                    Oskar meets Silver


In the afternoon we went to Woking to visit Jana and Keith. Jana is a colleague of mine. Their house was absolutely beautiful!!!

Oskar meets the rabbits.                                                                                         "How come I don't have that much hair??"


This is what life is like 40km outside of London. I think we're moving. Tomorrow.


"If there are so many rabbits here, where are Wallace and Gromit??"


10 March - Saturday morning cafe detour on our way to storytelling hour at the local library

Oskar has a new favorite mode of transportation


                                                                                                                       Ooo, coffee :)


8 March - After mastering jigsaw puzzles, Oskar moves on to Sudoku


4 March

Who's ticklish??                                                                                                           Watching the Wererabbit


Cheese!                                                                                 Graffiti toddler style


2 March


Spring soccer season has started


One fishy lunch

 going                                                                             going                                                                          gone


Oskar tending his flock


Gruffalo worship