crankymonkeys in london
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31 October - Muhk a.k.a Bump on the head curtesy kitchen doorframe and a freestyle jump off the stairs
30 October - Daylight savings = early mornings
28 October - Annabel's 3rd birthday
Kairi & Tanja
Oskar & Nikolai                                                                                                                      Miss Daria
27 October - Meribel came to visit
Meribel's birthday is in February as well, she's a year younger than Oskar
26 October - The only thing I like about Halloween is Jack O' Lanterns
21 October - Bathroom queue

14 October

Our new home


On the soccer field across the street


Bad mood


13 October

Fireplace in the living room


Making coffee on a Saturday morning


Fireplace in Oskar's room.                                                     Living room again. The TV unit looks funny cause it's part of it. The rest doesn't' fit and we haven't decided what to do with it.




Fireplace in mom's room.

The Three Legged Buddha


Lunch at Pret


8 October

Oskar's art


7 October - Childrens' playgroup/music hour at the Estonia House


Oskar and Anderson


Later that evening...


5 October


4 October - Getting to know Cat