crankymonkeys in london
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First stop: San Francisco

 Flight: Washington Dulles — San Francisco 

5 hours and 30 minutes

We left at lunchtime and Oskar slept for almost 3 hours. Our seats were not initially together and it took a while to convince the United staff that it would not be a good idea to let a 3-year old sit separately
from us. They told us that legally they're not required to move a 3-year old next to a parent !?! Of course once we got on the plane and Oskar saw that his seat was one row in front of mine,
he started crying and people moved and we all got to sit together :)

On the left, it's the Church of Peter and Paul in Chinatown/North Beach. Several groups of Chinese were doing Tai Chi
in front of the church.


Stopping at the playground in front of the church before continuing our walk to Fisherman's Wharf.
Zig-zaggy Lombard Street in the middle.

Seagulls and Alcatraz.

The seagulls were very talented, they could catch treats in mid-air.

Oskar's snack break - he decided he wasn't going to share his cheerios with the seagulls any longer.
View of the Golden Gate Bridge. Taken from the streetcar stop. We waited in the line for 20 minutes and then gave up - Oskar had fallen asleep by then and the line was
still long in front of us. We took a regular bus back downtown instead.
Later on we took the tram from the city. Oskar's watching here how they turn the streetcars around at the end stations to point them in the right direction again.
And we're off...
A Ghirardelli Chocolate Company shop. Oskar chose a fruit candy that looked like an eye.
Some bear on the way to dinner. We had dinner at a diner. Hamburgers, sandwiches, onion rings, fries and milkshakes. Milkshakes were good. The food was not that great :)
Union Square.                                                                                                               Chinatown.
1st of April - we came upon this lively bunch. It turned out to be the Church of the Last Laugh's Saint Stupid Day's Parade.
The Transamerica pyramid, tallest building in San Francisco.
Just a nice view :)

Next stop: San Jose

On the first day that we stayed with Peter, Mairi and Alasdair, they took us to Happy Hollow Park & Zoo.

This is the playground part of the park.
The viking ship didn't interest Oskar much, but he ran around in the maze (with James) for a long time.

Funny mirrors didn't do anything for Oskar, he just didn't get it :)


Below: Playing with Alasdair at home later on.


Watching TV. He's not used to commercials (CBeebies doesn't have any), whenever Scooby Doo was interrupted by some car commercial,
he'd shot up all alarmed and ask "what happened?!?!?!"

Two men and a baby.

Alasdair loved standing up. He's good at crawling as well, but preferred to be standing.



Big blue eyes.

The streets of San Jose.




Kissing break.                                                                                                                 Snack break.

Next stop: Santa Cruz

On Sunday we drove down to Santa Cruz. We just walked along the beach and let Oskar go on a few rides.
The weather was nice, but I still think the topless volleyball players were vain and crazy.
Mairi and Alasdair. Alasdair examined the sand as is proper for a child. Oskar, however, refused to get dirty and just supervised James in making 'cakes'.
Oskar loved this helicopter, he went on it twice. He could control himself whether it went up or down.
Luckily the lawyer pointed out this sign before any of us had filled up our water bottles.
Oskar's second favorite ride - race cars. The ride was quite mellow in general,
but the corners were quick and provided enough excitement for him.

To be continued in Part 3 - New Hampshire