crankymonkeys in london
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First stop: Boston

 Flight: San Francisco — Boston Logan 

4 hours and 30 minutes

We had a 8:30 flight and our seats were yet again not together. Luckily people moved again, the staff were not very helpful.
Can't remember whether Oskar slept or not, I think he might have fallen asleep just as we were landing.

We arrived in Boston around 5pm and checked into a nearby hotel we had booked. After dinner we headed down to the swimming pool.
Oskar hasn't been in the water all winter and he was really hesistant in the beginning. He spent almost half an hour just splashing in the turned-off hot tub.
He finally asked James to get in the big pool with him and when he did - he didn't get enough :)


Next stop: Warner, New Hampshire

The next day we took the bus to Concord, it took less than 2 hours. My cousin Kay was waiting for us at the bus stop.
We drove to the nearby nursing home to see her mom (my grandfather's sister). I hadn't seen any of them in 9 years,
Magda has since had a few strokes and she can't remember anyone. It was a strange visit. She just wanted to drink beer
and kept asking when she was going to get cabbage soup. She wouldn't even talk Estonian to me...

Kay's daughter Sandy who lives in Warner as well, came to the nursing home with her 15-month old daughter Lilah.
After the visit we all drove back to Warner and had lunch at a great diner. I wish I had taken photos, but I thought we'd go back.
Unfortunately we didn't :(

The photos below were are taken at Wingdoodle - the shop that Kay and Sandy own. It's right next to Kay's house and
about a 10 min walk from Sandy's (Warner has a population of 2700, so it's not a very big place).

Sandy is an artist. She designs rubber stamps among lots of other things. The collection on the left is her son Alex's.

Ugly Dolls.

We had seen a few in San Francisco and bought Oskar a little one.
I think they're so cute I wanted to buy every single one, but I resisted (we bought lots of other stuff instead :).


Later on at Sandy and Ken's. Alex is showing Oskar his legos, careully observing that Oskar doesn't break anything :)
Alex's room - full of legos.
Back at Kay's for the night, reading Dr. Seuss.
When we woke up the next morning, it was snowing!!!
(Oskar's wearing my hat because I couldn't find his)

Our first snowman of the year.




Making a bigger one in front of Sandy and Ken's house.
Playroom at Sandy and Ken's.
The little cutie - Lilah Amaret.                                                                                      Playing ball with James and Kay.

These two supposedly have identical nose profiles :)


Below - watching Maisi.


Dinner is served - that's one big pizza.                                                                   Some photos from Kay's house - this is the Baroness (she's lost her cigar).

The next morning we took the bus back to Boston,
flew to Washington D.C. and then back to London.

Flight: Boston Logan — Washington Dulles 

1 hour and 10 minutes

Short little flight, seats separate again, but only so that James had to sit one row in front of us.

 Flight: Washington Dulles — London Heathrow 

6 hours and 30 minutes

We departed Dulles at 10pm but Oskar took a while to fall asleep. He finally did at around 1 and slept for 4 hours. James and I were unable to sleep, I never can on planes and he
happened to have a seat that didn't recline. Initially our seats were separate again and when we asked a lady in Oskar's row to take James' window seat on the other side of the plane.
She refused saying it was too close to the toilet !?! We asked the second guy who came and he didn't mind. The lady (well, she was probably my age) didn't even like being in Oskar's
row (2 from the bathroom) so she eventually found another seat and Oskar and I moved up and James had a spare seat next to him. When Oskar slept he took both of our seats so I
had to move next to James, but I couldn't sleep so I watched a bit of Sweeney Todd, just until I got totally grossed out. When we were approaching London, the pilot said that there
were snowstorms and we couldn't yet land. We hovered for an hour. When we finally landed, we had to wait another hour before a gate became available.
Then it took us 2 hours to get home. We were tired, but glad to be home at last.