crankymonkeys in london
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13 July - American car show in Haapsalu. It's become an annual event and this parade takes all the cars to the old Soviet military airport nearby where they drag race.

This is a new playground in between the outer and inner walls of the castle. It's only wood and sand,
which means that even if it rains for hours, the playground is dry to play at 30 min after the rain has stopped.

Trampoline fun at a friend's place.
14 July - With AnnaMummu i.e. Johanna and Magda
15 July - At the playground again
16 July
Archery next to the playground
Post-bath hair - I so hope it'll be curly one day :)
My friend Leana's daughter Johanna lends a hand.
17 July - Hanging out with my friend Anne (in red), her daughter Adele and her sister and nephew.
Thumbs up!
18 July
19 July - BBQ at my friend Karin's mom's place in Haapsalu.

Adele and Anne (who live in Sweden, by the way)


Oskar mucking around with Lisette, Karin's daughter.

<--- Adele, Anne and Karin's son Lennart.

Karin and Lennart.
20 July - DAGÖ concert
21 July - Cycling
23 July - On the beach in Haapsalu
Me in all my bumpy white glory :)                                                                                The girls refused to pose :(
24 July - Adele's 2nd Birthday
Kuursaal, next to Anne's mom's place. This is where most of the wedding receptions in Haapsalu are held.
Edible money                                                     
Oskar and Matteus, Anne's newphew.
On our way back. Observing a fountain from a distance because the water was cold.
July 25 - In Tallinn. Issi's coming tomorrow.
This fountain was at a playground next to the British Embassy (in the background). All the kids were playing in the water cause it was so hot outside.
To be continued...