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26 July - Playing with issi in Tallinn, slowly starting to speak English (Oskar, that is).



27 July - Tallinn Zoo. The main attractions were the petting zoo and the slides.
28 July - Playground in Kadrioru
Play area in shopping centre.
James is finishing Oskar's colouring in and Oskar can't get his eyes off the cartoon on TV.
29 July - In KUMU museum in Tallinn. We hadn't been before, Oskar got bored too quickly, but we still got a glimpse of the great museum of Estonian art that it is.
That is the museum from the outside.                                                                         Driving at a nearby playground.
30 July - On Stroomi beach (still in Tallinn) with Kairi, Hardi and Meribel. Their new home is only about 500m from the beach.
Mucking around at a restaurant in Viimsi (north of Tallinn).
                                                                                                                                           A beach in Viimsi.
1 August - Back in Haapsalu.
2 August - In a cafe with Karin, Anne and their kids.
Getting the boat ready.
7 August - Drawing with issi.
8 August - Looking for crocodiles from aboard the pirate ship.
10 August
And it's our last morning in Estonia, Oskar is watching a DVD on top of the bunk bed
while we pack our stuff. He is to stay with mom for another 2 weeks :(