crankymonkeys in london
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February 2008

24 February - Mirjam's 4th Birthday
Burning off some carrot cake at the private park of Belgrave Square.
Oskar hugging the birthday girl's brother Joosep.
Mirjam and Oskar
Mirjam                                                                                                                                    Mariam
Mirjam, Mariam and Oskar
23 February
We couldn't wait for the weather to warm up, so we brought the sandpit inside .
17 February - Post-bath hair
17 February - Battersea Park Children's Zoo
Battersea Park

A bit of Oz in London - a wattle tree in Battersea Park


Below: Men at work.


Few chikens and a rooster roamed around free in the childrens' zoo.
15 February
This is how old I'm going to be in a few days!

An early present from Estonia. Oskar had no problem "reading" the card :)




10 February
Eddie Katz
Estonia House - Games, competitions, singing, dancing, just the usual monthly gathering
9 Feburary - Visiting Sigita, Pranas and Augustas
9 February - Oskar loves taking books out of the library and he finally has started to let James read to him book after book in English :)
Hands together, feet together