crankymonkeys in london
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JUNE 2008

28 June
St.James' park

24 June

A hot day

22 June
Hydrating before a kite flying session.
And we're flying!
Oskar found some new friends with whom to 'cook'.
Magda is showing the locals how to make a wreath from clover blossoms. They were fascinated.
18 June

Oskar at 'school' saying 'keegi tuleb!' (somebody's coming!)

Playground in Balham
Oskar made some new friends. Together they were feeding and running away from the monsters in the hedge for almost an hour.
15 June - London Estonians' Midsummer 'bash' in Beckenham Junction.
Kairi and Hardi making their team proud.
The jumping castle where Oskar spent most of the 5 hours we were there.
Same song as last year, soon people won't need the words printed out for them.
Few more songs around the fire.
Oskar spotted Charlie being interviewed for Estonian TV and sneaked into the picture.
13 June - Chasing a balloon with Magda
9 June - Oskar has finally scored himself some chicken pox
Maybe people don't want to look at photos of chicken pox, but Oskar has had it relatively easy and is one little happy 'ladybug' :)
The first picture was taken on day 1 or 2, the second one on day 4 or 5.
7 June - Magda has arrived
8 June

The Telesctroscope - Checking what's going on in New York.

On a boat from Tate Modern to Greenwich.
On the right:
The Time Ball dropping at the Greenwich Observatory - "At Greenwich the bright orange time-ball on the observatory roof drops at 1pm every day.
It has done this every day since 1833. 1pm was originally chosen to enable the astronomers to undertake telescopic observations at noon. "

Zero degrees - standing at the 0° longitude line.