crankymonkeys in london
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MAY 2008

31 May - We went to a puppet show at The Color House Theatre at Merton Abbey Mills (a market in Collier's Wood, south Wimbledon)
Waiting for Meribel and Kairi to arrive.
Checking out how a water mill makes electricity for the pottery workshop.
Oskar & Meribel
Oskar was busy with his toys until he was told that Meribel would soon be moving back to Estonia.
12 May - Hanging out with Kairi and Meribel
I spotted Oskar hugging a baby doll and singing "baby, baby, baby..."
Meribel is Oskar's favorite friend at the moment, she has two baby prams and baby dolls!
11 May - After church we walked from Putney to Richmond Park (and back to Putney)
Ice cream break in the park.
Mandatory feeding of the ducks.
Richmond Park.
Group photo a few minutes before mamma and papa's taxi to the airport arrived :(
9 May - Friday at the nursery
I managed to take 2 pictures before he saw me.

School's out!



7 May - Cutting
The pieces that fall under the table get cut again and put into the cup. The cup is then emptied into the rubbish bin.
4 May
A "tree house" in Hyde Park.
On the tube again.                                                                                                           Papa's reading the Gruffalo.
Making sure issi doesn't have orange eyes like the Gruffalo :)
3 May - We went for a walk through Chelsea to Battersea Park with mamma and papa.
Fancy food market off of King's Road.
(polling station sign is up from Thursday, it was election day)
Later on that evening we potted some herbs and flowers.