crankymonkeys in london
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30 October - Our first visit to Eddie Katz in Wimbledon. Oskar had a great time, but I wasn't very impressed - it was incredibly crowded and cold.
Post collision :)
27 October - Playing in the park in the afternoon
24 October - The evening after his adenoid and tonsil operation. He's writing a letter that says "Tulge meie issi sünnipäevale.
Meil on õhupallid juba olemas." (come to our daddy's birthday. we already have the balloons)
20 October - A collection of Oskar's art. Produced at the various One O'Clock clubs mom takes him to every day.
17 October - Oskar's first face paining. He's never wanted to have his face painted at the One O'Clock club, but that day he marched in and the first thing
he said was that he wanted to be Spiderman. By the time I got home from work to take photos, the paint was quite smudged though...
12 October - James' half marathon finish in Hyde Park
Oskar tries out tennis while we're waiting for James to finish.

The wait is over. Oskar happily wears James' medal for the rest of the day :)

Waiting for the train. Oskar is sleepy.
Sunglasses wake him up instantly.

In St.James' park
Time to eat ice cream. Next week it might be snowing... :)
"It's like a zoo here!" said Oskar seeing the pelicans and bees and ducks and geese and squirrels.
A bit of exercise.
A bit of vitamin D.
1 October
Showing that his ears work (taken after his hearing test).                                    Showing off his new winking skills :)