crankymonkeys in london
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29 September - Last day with Andrew and Ana

Dinner @ Smiths of Smithfield. I look ginormous and was tempted to crop myself out, but what the heck.

The restaurant is great, by the way. Our definite favorite in London (not that we've been to many posh restaurants here...)
We also like it because the owner is an Aussie chef who lives in Streatham :)

28 September
Being scared of dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum.                                   At the Victoria & Albert museum.
27 September - First day with Andrew and Ana

                                   Being entertained by a street performer at Covent Garden.


Running around Hyde Park

Checking out Buckingham Palace.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      A packed playground.
20 September - Marian's 3rd birthday party at Battersea Park

The birthday girl




18 September - Oskar's favorite stripy ice cream and my favorite hedgehog t-shirt
14 September - Just a sunny afternoon in the neighborhood
Gigantic sunflowers
Training for the Tour de France
13 September - At the Zoo

In the butterfly house

At the playground
Getting sleepy in the sunshine
Just the four of us
Going places
A "big monkey"!
7 September - Haven't taken any bath photos in a long time...
6 September - Oskar's first London haircut, in the middle of Chelsea of all places :)
3 September - Cat is back :)
                                                                                                                                              I can show you the world...
Pointing at his bedtime reading choice
The Bob the Builder watch that helped Oskar back into 'night-pants'

Oskar calls him Kitty Cat. All of a sudden the cat doesn't mind to be 'handled'...