crankymonkeys in london
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APRIL - 2009

29 April - 7 a.m. - Newspapers and cartoons
28 April - New fashion
Oliver prefers sitting up to reclining.
26 April
Yum, bmilk and rice powder :)
5pm - pre-bedtime powernap.
25 April - In Woking for a BBQ
Karl won't be the family's youngest for much longer :)
"Auntie Gerli" and Karl.
The Single Mom and The Man Who Works Until Various Hours of A.M.                                           Oskar and Silver
22 April - I'm not the only one who thinks it's summer :)
On our way to Balham
At the One O'Clock Club
Self portraits



21 April - Birthday... great day... beautiful sunny day... we spent the afternoon playing outside in our 'garden'
Oskar: "Hello, my name is Ella. Hello, my name is Oskar..." (Ella is his new friend at the nursery)
Summer is here - bring out the sand!
20 April - A few snaps from Oskar's "school"
This is on the wall going up to the 3rd floor where the Cheeky Monkeys (3-5 years) group is.
19 April - The first day the boys "played" together - Oskar rocked Oliver's bouncinette and Oliver laughed the whole time.
18 April - At the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground in Kensington Gardens.
Back on the beach :)                                                                                                   My arm isn't long enough for self portraits...
Whole Foods Market in Kensington
Next year I'll know where to get white eggs for Easter (they're the best for colouring with onion peel); make-your-own-muesli on the right.
Ginormous meringues and freshly baked bread, yum.
15 April
The kids are planting an apple tree at the Balham One O'Clock Club.
Oskar and his buddies.
"Hands off my play station!"
Waiting for the bus home. Oskar used his 2 minutes to build another 'machine' in the bushes.
Already looking up to his big brother.
13 April - Oliver's 5 month pictures 3 days late...
3 April
Oskar and Summer at Balham One O'Clock club where we go most afternoons.
2 April - Oskar in full machine building mode.