crankymonkeys in london
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After 10 hours on the plane to Bangkok, a 1 hour stop-over, another 8 hours on the plane to Sydney, a quick catch-up with mamma and papa
and then 30 min on the plane to Canberra, we have arrived - the little one is the most jetlagged
In the afternoon...
15 December - Reminding ourselves what good coffee and friands taste like.
In Glebe Park
"Downtown" Canberra :)
Afternoon in the Manuka pool
Oskar refused to wear his swimming gear and initially didn't want to get in the water (he's a bit water-scared), but the heat got to him and he hopped in with his shorts and t-shirt on.
Ice coffees here never disappoint.
16 December
Oliver's new best friend May.
Afternoon/evening/sleepover at Andrew and Ana's
Dinnertime.                                                                                                                          Olivia and Oskar (born only a month apart)
"Its! Its!"                                                                                                                              Mad dog Maddie :)
Driving 'home' in the morning.
Dickson Pool
17 December - Peter, Mairi, Alasdair and Hazel have arrived from San Francisco.
Late brekkie at a new cafe/cycle shop in Kingston, Velo Republic.
18 December, visiting some friends.
Oliver and Alice.
Back at Andrew and Ana's for the evening.
Isabelle, Oskar, Olivia
19 December, decorating the tree at mamma and papa's
20 December - Up on the Black Mountain

Oskar playing hide and seek.

Reviewing the books emme and issi had left behind 4 years ago...
The grass is definitely NOT greener in Canberra.
Papa and her favorite grand daughter Hazel :)
Oliver sneaking some food to May.
Alasdair and Peter
Oliver and May
21 December - At the Questacon, sort of like a hands-on science museum for kids of all ages.
Oliver and auntie Kate
"I'm so going to die!"                                                                                                      Spin ball.
A great evening at Anita and Mark's
Let me in!
22 December - Just another daily visit to the Dickson Pool
Post-dinner ice cream at Simon and Kit's (with the other Lalors as well)
23 December - Hanging out in the 'city'
And one last visit to the pool