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CORSICA - 4-11 APRIL 2009

4 April
We have arrived. This is our house for the next week.
On our way to a town called Sartène where not everyone can afford a balcony :)
At the church of Sainte-Marie
Having coffee and hot chocolate at the Place de la Libération (town square).
5 April - In Bonifacio
Lunch picnic by a wall of the fort.                                             "Windows" in the wall.
A cemetery on top of a cliff.
Coffee break down at the marina.
The marina.
The fort is on the top left of the photo.
6 April - On a beach near Porto Vecchio.
7 April - Back in Bonifacio for a boat ride along the southern coast of Corsica.
A pre boat walk...
... and a snack.

The town of Bonifacio.

I wonder whether a friend of mine has set up business here...
The water was amazingly blue.
Bonifacio again...
A one heck of a staircase.
In a cave.
Lunch in Bonifacio, Oskar tasted beer and Oliver tasted pizza.
An evening walk through the village where we were staying.
The village church tower in the middle.
Just chilling on the patio.
8 April - A cold day on a beach in Porto Pollo.
9 April - Another chilly day, we went to a beach near our village and then out for a coffee in Porto Vecchio.
The cafe had a mirrored ceiling
An post dinner checkers game back at 'home'.
10 April - A gorgeous day on a beach near Santa Ghjulia
An olive tree outside our 'home'.
11 April - A long day, it took us 14 hours to get home.
Waiting for a flight to London in Paris.
The end.