crankymonkeys in london
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28 February - Heading out to Surbiton again, house hunting...
Lunch break
Is this the face of someone who hates being in the car seat and has just screamed non-stop for a long time?
Holding on tight...                                                                                                          Burning off energy at a playground
27 February
This is the face of concentration.
Toast in the bath
The guy who hates water in his face is toughening himself
All clean
Aaaaaa! I'm getting tired!
(when Oliver starts rubbing his face like that, he's ready for bed...)
25 February
Oskar wanted Oliver to wear his hat. Oliver wasn't amused.

24 February

Tired after a hard day at school.

20 February
19 February - Oskar's birthday
He can't sit still to do anything, even to eat his favorite meatball soup...
18 February - The many faces of Oliver :)
And the drooling has begun
I love that dimple in his right cheek
16 February - Oskar loves building machines, either out of Lego or anything else he can find around the house.
11 February - 3-month bear pictures one day late
10 February - Oliver is 3 months
6 February
Oskar has finally figured out how to hold a pen properly in his left hand and his people finally look like people.
3 February
Oskar is sliding down the hill on a plastic bag full of newspapers :)
2 February (afternoon) - We spent the late morning and early afternoon most of the day with Juliette and her boys Evan and Sam across the street.
Oskar and Evan
2 February (morning) - A city paralyzed
1 February - Snowfall has started