crankymonkeys in london
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JULY 2009

29 July - First day out with the injured ankle, Oskar stood on the buggy board for 10 minutes and then sat in the pram for rest of the time (while Oliver was carried).
28 July - Stealing zucchinis from Marko and Jana's garden.
27 July - Ouch and Unhappiness
26 July
25 July - Playing with Johanna
One little brother and one little sister
24 July - Oskar shows off the cat necklace that he made at the clay workshop in the castle
23 July - Catching up with Karin and Anne (+kids)
Bathtime is always fun
Check out the big toe on the second photo :|
22 July
The Cat pose, followed by the Plank.
The Cobra and then relaxation.
Still only moving backwards.
                                                                                             Oliver is not impressed by first visit to a pub, the bread is kind of stale...
Oskar and Lennart trying to amuse themselves.
19 July - American Beauty Car Show
Later on at a playground
15 July
Ilon's Wonderland (Ilon Wikland, who illustrated Astrid Lindgren's books, is from Haapsalu.

An afternoon with Anne, Magnus and little Adele.
13 July - At a playground next to mom's place
The streets of Haapsalu
Right -> My high school
10 July - A glass blowing workshop. It was open to public and we went buy on a couple of days to have a look. Oskar was fascinated.
2 July - A late lunch
2 July - At the children's library in Haapsalu

On our way home for an afternoon siesta.