crankymonkeys in london
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JUNE 2009

19 June - In Wimbledon Park
17 June - Oskar's last day at Cavendish Lodge Nursery School
CM is for Cheeky Monkeys, the 3-5 year group
Georgina, Barnaby, Louis and Ethan in the back - Oskar's gang :)
Ready to leave and yelling: "Barnaby! Barnaby!"
14 June - Hanging out with the neighbours - Juliette, Graham, Evan and Sam
"To roll or not to roll"
A little boy and a big bbq
Sam and Oliver
The green ones taste the best
A can of Fosters and still no smile :)
Oskar and Evan
13 June - Wimbledon Park
Pondering the art of tennis and the absence of teeth...
Cookie Monster likes grapes better.
London Estonians' Jaanipäev in Beckenham Junction
Estonian School's banner
Kerli and Greta                                                                                                               Always working
Next year, Oliver, next year.
We sang some songs and left before the midsummer's fire was lit. The boys were tired and ready to call it quits.
12 June - In Wimbledon Park with Sophie
7 June - Visiting Jo in Maida Vale
2 June
Had to wake him up from his 6pm nap - too late in the day.