crankymonkeys in london
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MARCH - 2009

28 March - A chilly day getting to know our new neighbourhood in Wimbledon
27 March - This is what happens to household items when I don't keep an eye on Oskar...
Mamma and papa have been recruited to sit in his new 'machine' (it comes complete with various warning labels and seatbelts)
25 March - "In the sunshine"
24 March - Reading up on monsters
22 March - In Windsor, lunch with John, Sue (aka mamma and papa), David and Kiren
Oliver's first day in the 'big boy pram'
"...and tomorrow we're going to buy a great new home in Wimbledon..."
21 March
2 minutes after a 10 minute nap...
Checking out a cafe in our "new neighborhood" :)
19 March
15 March
Watching TV
10 March - Oliver is 4 months
At first it's funny...                                                                then the fingers go in...
... and sleep arrives...
"Hey, big brother, whatcha reading?"
8 March - Setting up the cot in Oliver's room. He won't be sleeping in there for another few months yet, but I'll use it as a 'change table' until then.
Oskar was very good with screwing the screws in with the allen key.
Oliver peeking in...                                                                                                           And cheering up when I get close with the camera                                                                                       
First nap in his new bed. We had just come back from the supermarket - I just took him out of the Bush Baby and put him down. He lasted a whole 5 minutes before he woke up :)
4 March - Playing hide and seek with uncle Mike (hiding from me, that is)
Those two fingers are always being chewed on.                                                   Ab exercises - coming up to sitting.        
I took these last 7 photos with manual settings - not bad...