crankymonkeys in london
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MAY - 2009

29 May - Tooting Bec Lido
Since it was a Friday, it was not very crowded - there was plenty of space for a family of ducks as well.
Waiting for the paddling pool to open
At the nearby playground after the pool.
Lunch is served.
Running away from me on our way home.
28 May - A picnic day at the Balham One O'Clock club
Oliver can sit for a little bit and when he does fall over to his side and on his face, he doesn't mind :)
26 May
25 May
24 May
"Baby led weaning" - the baby 'leads' all the carrots onto the floor :)
Playing in Oskar's room (we cleaned it afterwards).
Just showing off our tongue-tied tongues and mucking around...
Busted! Oskar goes through the recycling to salvage material for his machine building business.
23 May - Summer in the city
Lunch in Chelsea
On our way to Oskar's favorite playground in Kenginston Gardens
On our way back home. Oskar took the last photo :)
22 May
Chilling on Oskar's bed
"Geez that girl is clever!"
Ellen & Liis
17 May

Oliver's got a new bath 'seat' - now it doesn't kill my back to get him clean after his veggie facials.

16 May - Saturday afternoon, jumping on the bed
15 May - Just a quiet afternoon at home. Oskar is painting machines and Oliver is mainly examining masking tape.
11 May
10 May - Mother's Day at the Estonia House
10 May - Oliver is 6 months old
8 May - At the Science Museum
                                                                                                             Oskar is 'talking ' to Wallace
Spray painting (virtually)                                        
5 May - Oliver has his first cold and is test driving his new highchair (totally unrelated pieces of information).
2 May - In Chessington catching up with Kerli, Pete and Greta. It was so nice to take photos with their Nikon D60. our Nikon is still in the repair shop :(
1 May - At a playground in Haydon's Road with Sophie.
The spinning 'cup' was the best.
Oskar liked the obstacle course as well.
Oliver just enjoyed the first grass tasting of the year.