crankymonkeys in london
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3 July - Morning at my sister's
Dance celebration in the evening
Oskar had the most fun rolling down the hill on the side of the stadium where the performance was taking place.
A snack break.
Dancers waiting for their turn.
4 July - Morning in the old town. Meeting Kairi, Annabel and Edik whom we haven't seen since they left London for the Middle East 18 months ago.

Walking to find a place to watch the procession of singers (over 26,000 of them walk about 5km to the festival venue).
We ran into our good friends and 'neighbours' from Streatham - Marge and Georges :)
Just waiting
The 'show' has started!
5 July - No festivities for us, just enjoying the last day with James and catching up with Kerli, Pete and Greta (of whom we sadly have no photos) in the old town.
The new Victory Monument to the War of Independence (1918-1920), it was unveiled just a few days before we were in Tallinn.
Building machines in the afternoon.
I don't have my own national costume, but now I've got a pair of 'folk shoes'.