crankymonkeys in london
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MAY 2010

31 May - Elephant hunt nr.2
Later on at home...
29 May
23 May - At Merton Abbey Mills playing and then at Deen City Farm
Palms up means no animals here.
22 May - A hot day at home
Plane spotting
An afternoon with our old neighbours from Streatham.
19 May - Ellen visiting
Kiki got to explore the garden for the first time.
An afternoon at the Polka Theatre. Oskar goes there every Wednesday for a drama class, before the class both boys like to play at the theatre.
17 May - Kiki's weekly weigh-in
15 May - A play at the Estonia House in Notting Hill
On our way home:
14 May
This is where Oliver has his nap these days, on the couch. He simply won't fall asleep in his bed.
12 May
The aftermath of a potato battle.
The "I don't like this" face.             

9 May - Visiting the elephants -

"Elephant Parade is a conservation campaign that shines a multi-coloured spotlight on the urgent crisis faced by the endangered Asian elephant. The event sees over 250 brightly painted life-size elephants located over central London this summer."

On our way to Trafalgar Square - a playground stop.
Getting closer to the destination...
Found some elephants!
And the elephant visitation is over for today. Next weekend - Hyde Park, there should be more there.
8 May - The Big Toy Cleanup Day
Oliver can climb all the way up. Now we need to put the ladder away when he's playing in Oskar's room :|
Just showing off his teeth.
7 May - Trying to impress Kiki
5 May - Potty training for one. Kiki isn't as good of a student at the moment :)
Snack break in the garden
Three molars coming...
4 May - I came home from work to find Oskar drawing on the couch and Kiki asleep on his lap.
2 May - Oliver's favorite chair.
1 May - Introducing Kiki