crankymonkeys in london
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28-31 October - Portsmouth
On HMS Victory. We learned a lot about captain Nelson and her mistress after whom our street is called.
At the activity centre at the historic dockyards.
View from the Spinnaker Tower.
Oskar isn't sure he wants to step onto the glass floor 100m above ground.
Getting read to roll.
Oliver skipped rolling on the water and instead practiced his Wiggles moves.
Ready.... steady... GO!
In our two storey penthouse apartment overlooking the Portsmouth Harbour.
Our view
And back at home, we lit our Halloween pumpkin and handed out lots of candy :D
26-27 October - Edinburgh
20 October - Visiting the National Army museum
17 October
13 October - Getting ready for winter
10 October - Strawberry snack break
9 October - Tennis lesson for one, guitar lesson for another...
Watching the Wiggles
9 October - While Oskar is at Estonian School, little brother will play :)
6 October - Walking home from school
4 October - Hipstamatic takes Canary Wharf
Taking the boat to Waterloo due to a tube strike
2 October - Saturday night at home