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3 - 10 APRIL 2010, Brittany, France

3 April - On the train from Paris.
4 April - The first morning in our 'cottage' in a little village called Bourgerel, near the town of Vannes.
5 April - Vannes
In the evenings, Oskar drew what we had done on that day.
More time outside before going to bed.
6 April - Quiberon
7 April - Market day in Vannes
A very windy picnic in Arzon.
A great evening visiting a French family in Vannes whom mamma and papa met last year in Corsica.
Playing the Wii :)
Oliver preferred the guitar to the Wii.
8 April - Our village

9 April - Pont-Aven:

"Pont-Aven is mainly known because of the group of artists who flocked round Émile Bernard and Paul Gauguin, and who were joined in 1888 by Paul Sérusier. ... Pont Aven still attracts artist and art lovers with many commercial galleries in addition to the town's public gallery." (wikipedia)

The public toilet in the middle of the town.

The 'megaliths' of Carnac.

"The small town of Carnac in southern Brittany is world-famous for the long rows of standing stones stretching over a mile or so in a north-easterly direction to the north of the town. Much plundered in centuries past for stone and generally getting in the way of earlier generations, these fabulous relics gained greater respect over the 20th century, and are now under State protection."


Oliver's trying not to fall off the rock :)
Most evenings were spent with snakes and ladders.